ENGAGE with your customers like never before with
My Local WiFi

The one device that your customer always has with them is their mobile phone.

For the first time ever, you can turn your Free Wi-Fi into a Lead Machine and a Customer Loyalty Program!

Tired of sign-up sheets and Emails that don’t get read?

My Local Wifi is now making their software available to the public! You are now able to offer Your Promotions, Your Coupons, Your Special Announcements, and more, directly to your customers at the push of a button just because they used your Wi-Fi in the past!

Choose to deliver your message to their mobile phone depending on the day of week, time of day, or other factors specifically targeted to your individual customers.

You are now able to market to males, females, and families individually and they all have one thing in common – they have visited your business at least one time in the past.

Social WiFi Marketing by My Local WiFi, LLC

Build a Loyal Customer List and Rewards Program on AutoPilot!

Send customers mobile messages and promotions directly to their Mobile Wallets at the push of a button!

Auto Lead Generation

Automatically build targeted email lists of customers who have been to your actual business location.

Monetize Free Wi-Fi

Sell advertising to sponsors and grow your own Wi-Fi Advertising network.

Grow Social Media

Increase social media presence and engagement with integrated sharing and Mobile Wallet options.
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Free WiFi for your Guests

Social-Powered Wi-Fi

Our NEW Social-Powered Wi-Fi Signal allows your customers to connect to free Internet using their favorite social media site while visiting your business.

Custom Welcome Page

Custom Welcome Page

Customers access your Wi-Fi and are greeted with a high-quality landing page featuring your most important advertisement or message.

Your Marketing Delivered

Your Marketing Delivered

Your advertisement is delivered right to their mobile phones, laptops, or tablets ensuring that your message is heard by your most important customers.

Marketing Made Easy

Marketing Made Easy

Deliver or change out your custom advertising banners and messages instantly and have the option to set up co-sponsored brand marketing.

Connect Like Never Before

Connect Like Never Before

Tap into the Facebook Social Graph (age, gender, hometown, interests) to gather valuable customer data while monitoring engagement in real-time.

Retarget Marketing

Retarget Marketing

Turn on Retarget Marketing with Facebook and Google, and then multiply your reach and opportunities with the latest online advertising strategies.

Reach your customers when it matters most!

Rewards Program

After your customers connect to your Wi-Fi, automatically send them to your Rewards Program for Loyal Customers. Increase your sign-ups and stay connected! Don’t have one? We can help you with that too! Ask about our Digital Local Pass programs today.


Just think of the many businesses that would love to advertise their relevant message to your massive audience? Industry sponsors, local entertainment or city-wide events? Your Wi-Fi could actually generate additional revenue for your business!

Pinpoint Accurate Advertising

No more wasted advertising dollars! We are now able to market to specific individuals based on age, gender, hometown, interests, and so many other factors. Don’t worry, our team will be right here to meet with you monthly and plan local domination!

Mobile Wallet Loyalty Program

Local Pass Mobile Wallet Loyalty Program

Our Local Pass service allows you to offer cutting edge mobile wallet loyalty passes to your customers which will help increase in-store foot traffic, bottom line revenue and customer loyalty.

Distribution of your passes is easy. Consumers can add your passes to their mobile wallets by visiting a URL, scanning a QR code, clicking a URL, via Social Media sites, tapping NFC Tags or even SMS. The options are endless!

You can easily setup automatic delivery of custom lockscreen notifications to customers who have your pass in their mobile wallet and are within a defined area. Engage customers by delivering highly targeted lockscreen alerts based on their geo-proximity to the store. This will keep the consumer coming back for more!

Add our Geo-Fencing option into the mix and our Local Pass service gives you a potent combination of cutting edge technology and advanced proximity marketing solutions that will explode your marketing ROI.

Mobile Wallet Track Analytics
Use our Local Pass built in Analytics modules to continually track your mobile wallet campaigns. You can also export reports to show your team such things as, pass distribution, engagement and more.

What Types Of Mobile Wallet Passes Can You Offer?

Mobile Wallet Local Pass

Send Push Notifications, Point Updates & Mobile Alerts! Change Pass Types In Real-Time!

  • Coupons
  • Memberships
  •  Value Cards
  • Tickets
  • Passes
  • Mobile Cards
  • Gifting
  • VIP Cards

Have you heard of Beacons?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if your loyal customers were aware of immediate announcements the moment they arrived to your location? Until recently, you had to rely on your employees to inform your customers.



Well, not anymore!


Apple has released a technology called iBeacon which works with Bluetooth wireless technology to allow location-based information to iOS devices and Android Phones.

Real Time Pass Updates

Real Time Pass Updates

Send updates to your passes in real-time as lockscreen push notifications.

Beacon Integration

Beacon Integration

Notify customers with lockscreen notifications when they come in proximity to a Beacon.

Geo-Fence Notifications

Geo-Fence Notifications

Deliver a notification when customers are near a store or specific GPS co-ordinates and increase engagement.

Simple Distribution

Simple Distribution

Distribute passes to consumers via Email, NFC Tags, QR Codes, Social Media and SMS.

When paired with our Local Pass, any customer who has your passes in their mobile wallet can interact with your Beacons. Imagine a loyal customer walking by your location and getting a lockscreen notification on their smartphone with a “2 for 1” offer valid today only for being a loyal customer.

  • Entice customers to visit in-store with strategic and enticing messaging and offers
  • Increase sales by sending customers location based coupons and offers
  • Enhance customer loyalty by delivering a better customer experience
  • Increase brand awareness and build relationships with customers

Who Are We

Philosophy We Strive For

My Local WiFi, LLC is one of the fastest growing full-service mobile and local marketing agencies in the country with offices in Chicago, IL, Naperville, IL,  Newport Beach, CA, and Destin, FL. We focus on providing results driven mobile and local digital marketing solutions for small, medium-sized and enterprise brands throughout the US.

Companies come to us because of our cutting-edge technology which allows business owners to connect with their customers like never before. With our talent and creativity, your business can now develop effective marketing strategies that produce real results.

Skills We Use

Local SEO Strategies 100%
Google and Facebook Marketing 100%
Website Design 73%
App Development 42%
Retarget Marketing 91%
Conversion and Lead Optimization 100%

Team Members

Jason Hall local seo, local wifi

Jason Hall
Founder and CEO

Jason Hall is a leading authority on local marketing for small to medium-sized businesses representing many industries throughout the US and foreign countries.

He is CEO of My Local WiFi, My Local SEOs, and on the executive board of four other IT companies.

Brad Simmons
Director of Sales, USA

Brad Simmons epitomizes integrity, energy, hard work, and creative service with every client.

Brad has spent 10 years in the Military and over 15 yrs as a banker serving in almost every aspect in banking from senior retail lender, small business lender, business development and bank manager.

Brian Keister
Director of Local SEO

­Brian Keister is an online marketing expert with a focus on driving results within the search engine marketing arena.

Having spent 15+ years in the Sales and Service industry, Brian brings a unique personality and perspective for identifying challenges, creating solutions and driving revenue o­nline.

Scott Brogdon Local WiFi Destin FLi

Scott Brogdon

Scott Brogdon is a local native of the “pan handle”, Destin, FL. Serving within the marine industry for 17+ years, Scott  brings to our team his high standards of customer service within the yachting industry. He is also a member of the sales and marketing team of Legendary Marine – the #1 dealer in the USA for an unprecedented two years running!

We’re excited to have Scott join our team and generate revenue for your business by implementing our innovative technologies with your customers.

Local WiFI Marketing

Kathy Clark

Representing our California clients, Kathy brings extensive experience as a Senior Branding Consultant, Marketing and Web Advisor, Training Director, Keynote Speaker and Relationship Builder.

The last 6 of Kathy’s 25 years of marketing experience has been dedicated to developing an expertise in online marketing and psychology. One that has enabled her to design successful campaigns for dozens of industries by creating specialized online systems that maximize both traffic and conversion rates.

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